History of CMTW

The Commission on Mineral and Thermal Waters (CMTW) is one of the standing bodies (working groups) of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH). The Commission was established in August 1968 in Prague, Czechoslovakia, during the 23rd session of the International Geological Congress. Since then it has convened 42 annual meetings. In 2013 an article by Jan Dowgiallo was published in Environmental Earth Sciences, summarising CMTW’s history and bibliography. The link is below.

Given its longevity, the Commission is honored to have among its members such internationally recognized professionals as: Ambassador professor Jan Dowgiałło, expert hydrogeologist and former member and honorable Chairman of the Commission; Dr John E. Moore, member of the Commission and former President of IAH and of American Institute of Hydrology (AIH), and Chairman of the IAH Education Commission; Dr Jean-Jacques Risler, former Vice Chairmen of the CMTW; Professor Ladislaus Rybach, internationally recognized professional in the field of geothermics and President of International Geothermal Association (IGA); and Dr Jim LaMoreaux internationally recognized professional hydrogeologist, actual chairman of the CMTW, CEO of the PELA GeoEnvironment, actual chairman of the US national chapter of IAH and Editor in Chief of the Environmental Earth Sciences. Moreover, the Commission had in its ranks such internationally recognized members as the late Dr Hussein Idris, former deputy chairman of the Commission and President of the Egyptian national chapter of IAH, chairman of several companies and long time active consulting engineer and hydrogeologist; as well as the late Dr. Philip E. LaMoreaux, long time CMTW member, internationally recognized professional hydrogeologist and former IAH President.

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